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Why you should be using Google+

By on April 19, 2013

You may not have heard too much about Google+, and perhaps you’re not too keen to spend time getting to know and using yet another social media site. But you should consider Google +, and here’s why.
In January this year Google+ over took Twitter to become the second largest social media network in the world. Yes, you read that correctly, they overtook Twitter. Google + now boast over 235 million active users around the world. Facebook still is the leading social site, but Google+ has advantages which should be recognised by businesses looking to improve their SEO, as well as their social presence.

Google authorship

Google’s chief goal is to provide high quality search results for the end user. They continue to move towards quality over quantity where inbound links are concerned, in terms of ranking sites in order to display the most relevant content to the end user. The latest, rather clever development in this endeavour is Google authorship.

Google authorship is a feature that connects published content on your website, or elsewhere and your Google+ profile. So Google will recognise the user who wrote each article and will match this to the relevant Google plus account. This means that when this article appears in a Google search, a photo and details of the author will also appear. People are far more likely to click a link if they can see who wrote the article.

‘Author Rank’ will also calculate how active other users are with your content. So the more popular your content is with influential figures – and by that we mean people who are active on Google +, the higher your content will rank. Increasing the level of social engagements (+1’s, shares and comments) and your content will rank higher in a Google’s search.

Here’s some information from Google about ‘Rel = author’. Which explains how to link your Google + account with content.

Google+ communities

Google+ ‘Communities’ is a way in which you can engage with customers through sharing content with groups of people who share similar interests. Engaging with them can build up your author rank, by getting more +1’s, shares and comments from people who are seen as influential within the areas you are specialising in.
So take a look at Google + today – armed with this information, you might take a slightly different view.

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