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Thoughts on Responsive Web Design

By on April 10, 2013

In this article, I am going to inform you about the importance of responsive web design. Incase you are unaware, when I refer to responsive web design, then it’s vital that you study this article.

Responsive web design is different from ordinary web design. A responsive site has the ability to automatically adjust in accordance to a users screen dimensions. For example; when a website visitor accesses your website using any device other than traditional means, such as a desktop computer or laptop. The technical elements of a responsive website are what causes the site to automatically arrange itself to display your content professionally.

Do you own a traditional website? It’s more than likely users that visit your site using modern devices, such as mobile phones or tablets will incorporate a poor user experience. If you don’t know what your website looks like on a mobile or tablet device, then check it now. Common issues of non-responsive websites often include; poor layout, minute content, broken functions and awful navigation.

Several years back, a responsive website wasn’t required. Everything has changed online, a responsive website is a must.

Fancy numbers aren’t required to explain the importance of a responsive website. Review your current daily activities; do you access emails, the internet or social media sites using anything other than your laptop or desktop? Then you must have experienced the pitfalls of a website that isn’t responsive. It’s frustrating to use a badly laid out site, isn’t it.

Please ask yourself this question; “Have you gone back to a website where you had a poor user experience?” It’s more than likely that you haven’t. But why? The reason that you haven’t revisited a non-mobile or tablet compatible website is because you have remembered how bad your experience was the last time you visited that site. What you probably don’t realize – until reading this article, is that if your customers have a bad experience visiting your website, it’s more than likely that they won’t visit your website again either.

If you don’t have a responsive website at present, I really do hope that these points highlight the urgency for you to contact your web developer.

Some marketing managers and business owners have asked me whether a mobile site would be a more cost effective solution. Unfortunately a mobile site is not going to solve your issues. A mobile website will not be dissimilar to getting a hole in your ship and filling it with a cork.
The floods may stop, but there is still an ever-going issue that requires regular maintenance.

In summary, I suggest that you test your current website, if it’s ok ‘for now’ then leave it. If the usability is at all questionable, then I strongly suggest to consider a responsive website. And remember that a mobile site is not a long-term solution!

About Danny Nevill

Danny Nevill is an internet marketing specialist and founder of Universal Web Design – A Colchester based web design company.