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Starting Google Adwords

By on April 15, 2013

So you have a good business going selling your product or service locally. Things are going better than ever and you have established a loyal customer base. What is the next step? Well, the next step is to have a website for your business to display or even sell your product or service. So you decide to hire a great company that was referred to you by another business owner who you happen to be friends with. The site ends up going live and you are all excited about the possible increase in sales and customers.

A couple of months go by and nothing happens. You get a few sales and like a cloud of dust, the grand visions of huge sales numbers disappear. What went wrong? Why aren’t people buying your product from the site or at least calling? Well, maybe your site isn’t being viewed by the right people. What do I mean by that? Well you probably aren’t getting the necessary exposure to suitable leads. You need to increase traffic to your site. I’m here to tell you that there are two ways you can increase traffic to your site. The one I will be discussing is Adwords from Google.

This is basically a way of targeting people who are searching for your product or service anyway. For example, let’s say your business deals with selling shoes online. You want to target people who are searching for shoes. So you would place your Ad on searches for shoes in your area. So when somebody searches for “athletic shoes for sale”, your Ad should display in their search results. So if they end up clicking on your site, you know they are at least in search of what you can possibly offer.

Managing your Adwords account correctly is crucial. The most important tip is to know your REAL keywords. This means knowing what keywords your ad is displayed on and knowing statistics such as Click-through-rate and conversion rate. I cannot stress how important this is. Make sure you choose the keywords correctly as this will have the biggest impact on whether your campaign is successful or not. Another tip is to make sure you know what match type means. Make sure you choose “exact” when searching for what keyword to target and when setting up the campaign.

And last but not least, monitor your account and keep the quality score at the highest level possible. A bad quality score can ruin your campaign and cost you lots of money. By monitoring your campaign closely, you are limiting the amount of money you waste and the headaches that come with it. If you don’t think you have the time or knowledge to manage your campaign effectively, I’d suggest having an expert manage it for you. We at Prime Online Solutions Inc. can help you with your online marketing and make a package tailored to your needs. The amount of money you pay the agency to manage it can actually be lower than the loss by you mismanaging it. So as you can tell, managing your account effectively is very important. We hope you have gained some knowledge about internet marketing and make your business more successful.

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