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Should You Invest In A Professional WordPress Theme For Your Blog?

By on May 7, 2013

A good quality WordPress theme can play an integral role in a blogs triumph. A high quality WordPress blog accompanied by a very good content is proving to play a big factor in rankings and overall blog success. Blogging experts are aware of all the most influential factors associated with a blogs success. An experienced blogger will advise any newbie to use a free WordPress theme.

Newbies are unable to verify the additional cost associated with a premium WordPress theme, however there is ample reason to make the small investment.

If anyone is struggling to justify the small investment, I share this analogy: If you were to build your house using the cheapest bricks, the cheapest cement and the cheapest builders to build it, would you expect to find high quality, expensive contents?

Of course you wouldn’t and the same is associated with your WordPress blog. Using a cheap and nasty design will only ever damage your online presence.

Similarly, Premium WordPress theme has very important job to do for a blog’s success. Premium WordPress themes make blogs prominent in many ways. From layout style and appearance to backend high quality and effective coding, Premium WordPress themes are always better to use for pro bloggers.

Users and search engines such as Google are able to identify when a blog is using a poor quality / free design. Users are aware since they have probably stumbled across many other poor quality blogs in their time and Google is aware since the coding structure of the blog is exactly the same as thousands of other free WP themes.

A seasoned blogger or Internet marketing expert will be able to identify many reasons as to why you need to use a premium WordPress theme and in this article I will share 10 tips as to why you should use a paid design for your blog.


A high quality WordPress theme is actually worth around £3 000. This is because the design is built by some of the world’s best designers. The only reason that you can buy themes affordably is because the creator aims to sell a few thousand of the design instead of selling a one off. With all high quality designs there are some definitive differences. For me the biggest benefit of a premium WordPress theme is the layout. The design and presentation of a website is paramount. The layout is what separates a £200 from a £3 000 design.


Premium WordPress themes are superior to all free WordPress themes. Huge template organisations have a host of high quality designers creating awesome designs for resale. This is why you can pick up an awesome web design at a low cost. There are several large template companies that stock an abundance of designs for you to choose from.
By purchasing a premium WordPress theme, you have the opportunity to buy exclusivity of that theme for a sum of £3 000 to £5 000. For some businesses this is not required, however some businesses do like to ensure that their blog is 100% unique from everyone else and this is an option.


One of the biggest benefits of investing into a WordPress theme is the fact that highly qualified web designers have constructed the design and build. Most WordPress developers follow the latest search engine guidelines within their designs. What helps even more is the fact that the website is built on WordPress. Over 8% of the worlds websites use WordPress and search engines can easily access and understand the websites structure. This benefit is probably the most important plus factor to using a WordPress theme for your blog. Many bloggers are fully aware of the additional support a WordPress theme has over any other platform online.


Quality WordPress themes ensure that you avoid the traditional issues with malware and poor coding. Premier themes that you have to pay for typically do not come stuffed with links to other sites. This is a major issue associated with free blog themes.

Quality WordPress themes come with incredible features and bonus additions that will save you so much time and money when developing your blog. Most themes enable you to access the bonus features via the WordPress dashboard. Most premium themes make it easy for you to edit areas such as the; menus, sidebars, headers, footers, widget zones and possibly a couple of plugins.


The WordPress dashboard is great for bloggers and the platform is designed to cope for blog expansion. As your blog grows, you will set new categories with experts contributing to specific areas. When this time arises your blog will require new user levels. Thankfully WordPress is designed for this so you can create new authors as and when they become part of the team.


Premium WordPress theme helps wordpress user and blogger in managing a blog. It will be hard in free wordpress theme to make some certain changes or deletion of some part. Sometimes you remove a link in free wordpress theme and it has functionality at the backend and whole blog does not work when you remove a link of maker. Premium WordPress themes are free-of-such problems and restrictions. You can easily edit premium themes according to your requirement.
Paid WordPress themes make it far easier for you to develop your blog. For example, if you were to change components within a free theme, there may be cross browser or general user issues. However a paid theme is set out in such a way that the blog owner can easily access and develop specific areas within the blog.


What everyone loves about premium WordPress themes is that you can make very simple changes to your blog quickly and simply straight through your dashboard. Most blog owners would like to have the ability to change things like the colour scheme or background within their site, by using a great theme, you will have the ability to make these sorts of changes easily in house without needing to contact your web developer.


There is literally no comparison between a free WordPress theme and a paid theme. Thousands of poor quality blogs are running on free WordPress themes. If your blog has any value then it’s a must that your blog is using a paid theme.

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