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SEO Tips To Better Your Marketing Efforts

By on April 23, 2013

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the key to helping companies have their website easily found online. In this blog article we will focus on 5 great SEO tips that will change your company´s marketing strategy. Our objective is to help you get the best out of SEO and to increase your website´s traffic.

When you are in charge of a website that sells products online, whether these are menu boards for restaurants or financial mobile applications, it is important that customers can easily find your site.

This is where SEO appears. In fact, SEO is one of the keys to your company´s success online. The way a website is ranked is determined by many factors, including the relevance of the keywords or search terms the searcher is looking for, how popular the term is among the people searching it, and more technical details such as the use of keywords/phrases in page titles and within the body text. By understanding these aspects and creating an SEO strategy accordingly, you will improve your search engine rankings.

SEO Tips

1. Motivate influential websites to link to your web pages

This is, by far, the most important factor in optimizing your site. Inbound links coming from different websites and blogs help search engines find you and understand the type of website you have. As an example, if you are in charged of an MBA admissions company, you probably would like website to link back to you. Think of it this way, a website is like a destination in a sprawling city, and the links from other websites are the roads leading to it. Another way to look at it is that search engines treat these links pointing to your site as ‘likes’, and the more ‘likes’ you have from respected, good quality and relevant websites, the better.

2. Alternate text, food for search engines

Most customers need information to help them choose a product or service. Search engines help them by finding relevant web pages, which can provide useful and helpful information about particular products or services. As you can probably understand, search engines can’t figure out images and animations (yet), so they need alternate text. This is the equivalent of giving search engines reading material. This is their food. If you are a dentist working from California, you might want to add Los Angeles cosmetic dentist as the alternate text for some of your images, so that when the search engines ¨see¨ your images they can lead customers to you.

3. Keyword research is key

Do you know your target market well? Are you aware of the words or phrases (keywords) that they would use to search for your products and services online? Do some research and the results may surprise you. In order to be found online you need to speak the language of your users and address their particular needs. If you think about it, it is easier to optimize for people looking for donor walls in New York or mobile banking app development than for general footwear searchers. A great tool that can help you do your research will be the Google AdWords Keyword Tool.

4. Does your website have a unique title and unique content?

It is important that for each of your web pages you have unique content. Furthermore, the title and keywords for each page should reflect this. It is as is if each page had a different focus. Then, it’s important to have a different title for every web page on your site.

5. Use your keywords in your web pages

You should try to incorporate your keywords — in context and in moderation — into the links, text, headings, descriptions and image titles, description meta tags and keyword meta tags of your web pages. It is important that you don´t over do it, as the algorithms for search engines could easily identify this today. As an example, Nike would want to optimize its website to long-tail terms such as ¨Sports´ Product for Athletes¨, while a Donor Walls company might want to optimize for long-tail terms such as ¨Sign in New York¨.

You need to give importance to ensuring that your website can be easily found online. All your efforts will translate into higher user traffic and better overall search engine rankings.

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