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Parallax scrolling and why your business should be using it.

By on May 16, 2013

Your business’s online presence has never been more important than it is now. Over the last year alone – there have been more website created and more online users than every before. The truth is – if your business isn’t online – you won’t be making nearly as much money as those of your competitors who are.

If you are online – you need to be setting yourself apart from your competitors – and you need to be sure that your brand is standing out and being noticed and remembered – more than any of those other companies out there doing or selling the same thing as you.

Web design is one of the best ways you can do this – as it is very often the first impression a new customer of user gets of your brand and product. Good website doesn’t just make you website function properly, but it sets you aside from the rest, leaves a lasting impression and makes the whole navigation and user experience part of the equation successful too. The point being – the more someone enjoy your website – and the more interactive you make it – the more likely they are to return.

Parallax Scrolling is one of the best web-design trends to come out of 2012 – and it’s something that is seriously working for a lot of brands. It’s interesting, it’s different, it’s modern and it’s intriguing – and aren’t all these things traits and descriptions you’d like associated with your brand or business?

At first, it was mainly creative companies and agencies who embraced Parallax Scrolling – but the hidden secret to this web design choice – is that it can work for any niche and any industry. Some of the most interesting examples I’ve come across (and the most successful examples too) have been businesses that fall into “dull” categories – such as banking, finance, tax and corporate legal. These websites and businesses have always previously struggled with the conversion of people visiting their site – to people using and interacting with their content. I mean, it’s hard – especially when your content is about something dry like finance tax evasion.

But using something as simple and effective as Parallax scrolling can work wonders, and here’s why: suddenly you’re inviting the user to play with your website and explore it – which makes them (in turn) more open to the idea of sticking around and seeing what you have to say. You suddenly take your website away from being plain and boring – and make it fresh and visual – which people like (not avoid).

But I think, you have to experience it for yourself before you’ll fully understand this – so here is a list of great websites that have implemented Parallax scrolling to their advantage:

Here are some examples of brands who are doing it right:

These guys use bright-varied imagery to turn something pretty average into something you want to play around with for hours. The website is visually interesting and they have the perfect amount of “surprise” and curiosity too.

Atlantis World’s Fair
I love how this website manages to take something relatively tame and turn it into a hugely entertaining piece of web design. The colour palette they have going on is sheer perfection too – but let’s pay more attention to the awesome way they’ve turned the content on their website into an incredible entertaining story – using the scrolling.

Nike Air Jordan
This is one of my favourite websites that uses Parallax scrolling, I think the creativity that’s gone into it is brilliant and it’s so inventive too. The message of the brand is clear as is the focus of the message too. I love how they convey the speed of the shoe too – simply perfection!

Carmilla Vampire Store
This is a quirky, fun brand – so I love how they’ve embraced their brand personality, and reflected it in the web design too. The horizontal scrolling is fun and even manages to tell a story.

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