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Impress Clients Through A Professional Web Design Without Having To Break The Bank

By on May 16, 2013

If you’re looking to increase your online awareness or even establish an online presence then I hope that this article helps you order a professional web design at a low cost.

My first pointer to all business owners is to avoid a free website at all costs. They don’t work, your wasting your time and missing out on business opportunities.

Below I have listed several reasons as to why you should select a low cost web design package rather than a free web design service.

  • Limited Design – You will have endless restrictions with a free website. The website will be built using a basic HTML structure that is not developed to embrace any additional requirements. I must warn you that you will be frustrated by the restrictiveness of the design.
  • Don’t DIY – In most industries it’s advised not to DIY. This is definitely advised within the web design industry. You require skill and knowledge to create a professional website. So please don’t waste your time trying to build a website yourself.
  • Brand Destruction – Self-built websites are obvious to even the untrained eye. It’s more costly to damage your brand than it is to contact a web design agency.

Why is it free? – I’m shocked by the number of business owners that don’t even question as to why their website was free in the first place. There are a number of reasons that a website maybe free:

  1. The website was built in 20 seconds using poor quality code.
  2. You will be stung for additional developments to the website.
  3. In some instances companies charge a large cancellation fee.
  4. The website is stuffed full of outbound links.
  5. The website is not even set up to be search engine friendly.

These are all classic reasons as to why a website might be free. As these point identify, your website may not be as cheap or as free as you may have first thought. If it is free there will be some other form of issue.

  • Credibility – If your website displays the Yell logo or the one and one logo then you are quickly diminishing your brands reputation. Everyone knows that these are Free or very cheap web design companies that offer no value within their packages. Don’t kill your brand.
  • SOS ¬- Most web design agencies are renowned for providing a poor customer service. However have you considered how bad the service would be if you were to order a free website? You will always be placed at the bottom of the list if anything goes wrong or if you need anything.
  • Don’t Plan To Fail

Owning a website is not just about ordering something off the shelf, it’s about ordering the complete solution. You need to speak with your web design company to ensure that you have covered all the bases. Your web design specialist will be able to suggest and advise solutions that will help you run your business more efficiently.

  • The Drawing Board – If you order a poor quality web design then you won’t have the chance to change or tweak any design elements. A quality web design company will be able to present the website and ask for feedback to then tweak and enhance your site to fulfill your needs.
  • Content Management Systems – Our clients love content management system access. A content management system enables you to manage and edit your website from anywhere in the world. It truly is a must have. I am unaware of any low quality web design company being able to provide this service.
  • Budget

Whilst a budget is important, the solution you receive should supersede the cost ten fold. I appreciate that most business owners are unsure as to how much they should invest into their website. A low cost web design package will usually cost anything from £97 – £1000. As a rule of thumb, an affordable web designer will charge anything from £60 – £125 per page. So aim for around £75 per page if you’re on a tight budget.

About Danny Nevill

Danny Nevill is an internet marketing specialist and founder of Universal Web Design – A Colchester based web design company.