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How To Leverage The Power Of Social Media Websites

By on May 16, 2013

Marketers across the world have been forced to incorporate social media marketing strategies through peer / social pressure.
One thing for certain is that some businesses have made a killing through their social activity.

Yet some of the house hold names in marketing claim that Twitter is not even worth there while despite having hundreds of thousands of followers because the ROI is dreadful.

So what is the difference between a successful social media campaign and the ones that flop?

Firstly I want to emphasis that most internet marketing means can work for all businesses if implemented, tested and improved accordingly. Through my experience I find that most businesses that dabble in social media marketing are not finding great ROI. Having said this, most businesses that dabble in any form of marketing tend to find little ROI from their campaigns.

My suggestion to all business owners is to address social media marketing professionally. I fear that many marketers become deluded that thousands of followers and friends will result in hundreds of online sales. Unfortunately social media marketing does not work this way. If it were that simple, there would be many multi-million pound businesses.

The most important aspect of social media marketing is attracting the right audience, who are your prime target market? Are they the ones that are following you? If the answer is yes, then we are off to a great start. If the answer is no, then you have your work cut out. You need to attract your target market into following you. This can usually happen if you leverage something for free, such as a report or tips.

Once you’re in the right ‘crowd’ it’s time to utilize your audience. Through various meetings I have received all types of feedback from only using social media for branding, whereas others suggest to use it to prospect customers.
I have seen both of these options work for businesses and even within the same industry. So what does this tell us?

Put simply, there is no written law for social success, however you need to be doing social media marketing. If you dabble, you’re not going to have any data or results to Asses and judge whether it’s working for your business.

Much like email marketing, it’s best to vary what is contained within your social marketing. In some instances a theme can work and for myself I use quotes and motivational sentences to build my audience. However for my digital agency I don’t just rely on one marketing theme. It’s important to diversify that you share. Just selling is not going to work, unless your offers are incredibly competitive.

For most businesses I suggest that you use social media to attract and send people to your website. It’s important link you update to a highly relevant page within your website. I.e. A high quality blog post, a free assessment or an exclusive special offer can be used as bait. In an ideal world your social campaign would lead to your website, the user enters their details for something free, you then add that user to your auto responder marketing system and in 1– 36 months time that subscriber turns into a sale.

If you are selling services, it’s highly unlikely that you will be able to generate a substantial number of sales through social media alone each month. However, using social media for lead generation, you should be able to build a list of prospects, which slowly turn into a steady stream of sales.

Selling products through social media is very different. As a test, I managed to sell 300 watches through Facebook alone in one month. This clearly demonstrates the true power of social selling!

In summary it’s important to trial and test all forms of marketing. Social media marketing is no easier than any other marketing platform, it still takes time and effort to master. Once you know how to utilize the social platforms, your future months will be very fruitful.

About Danny Nevill

Danny Nevill is an internet marketing specialist and founder of Universal Web Design – A Colchester based web design company.