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How to Design An iPhone App?

By on April 30, 2013

iPhone apps, over the years, have evolved into something revolutionary and extremely desirable and since you can find good number of apps on the apple store, users want to get most of them and are glued to them all day. Most of us buy apps that ‘look good’ which may not always be a convincing reason for installing them over iPhones. However, if you feel you too would want to design an equally attractive and appealing app, then you have come to the right place. Designing an iPhone app on your own can be fun as well as a challenge and we can help you have a slice of it.

Let us explore a few tips that can help you build iPhone apps with much more ease and definitely too much fun. We shall also discuss the common mistakes people often commit while designing an app.

Find out your forte first

It is always important to first explore your niche, you can then start working on a wireframe required for designing apps for iPhone. You might be aware of the gaming apps but then you may not really be someone who can design one of those apps as well. If you feel this is not your niche then putting your efforts in the same can be time-consuming and sometimes not worth.

If you think you can design an app, first know what interests you! People who are passionate about a thing must do it and so you need to know what you’re passionate about. Gaming apps should be for the game lovers; you can design something that is more creative, if you think you would really like to start that way!

Consider having a flowmap

This may sound amateurish to some who are really keen on beginning something. Having a flowmap is more like having a plan chalked out initially which means you know how you’re going to proceed, problems you could face and the possible solutions you can look for.

Have a properly planned and well thought out user flow technique and this should be done even when you’re planning to design the simplest app in the world. It will ensure that your app has a well defined structure and an easy navigation that makes it easy to browse.

Remember, that the functional screens should be designed on the upper half rather than lying out at the bottom. Without a flowmap right at the beginning, you will actually end up confusing self and then the users so better have one – and an effective one.

Back up your plan with a financial support

Since we all know that designing an iPhone app can cost you good amount of money, get the financial support as soon as you gain confidence in your idea and are about to execute it. Get hold of knowledgeable and dedicated developers as well as designers but we say, this is not the end!

You will also need to prepare an exceptionally beautiful marketing plan. You will definitely require funds right from the time you start gathering idea till the time you finally plan to bring the final thing on floors. Polish it well, test it properly and then launch it.

Increase the trappable area and this does not mean you will be required to increase the size of the buttons too. This is important for apps that have multiple icons or buttons one after another – it’s just a road to making your app more user-friendly.

Highlight all primary (which means most necessary) actions. Since you’re the creator of the app, you’re a better judge. In case you have plenty of useful information to share, don’t hesitate in adding extra views which can also help in avoiding any confusion while browsing.

Top mistakes to avoid

Your efforts can go in vain if you’re committing a few typical mistakes without actually realising that they exist and they are right there ruining your work. Here are some of them –

  • Use of lower resolutions every time
  • Use of excessive animations
  • Letting your users see a blank screen while the app loads
  • Copying style, structure and navigation from a popular app because uniqueness of your app is your selling point

So, now when you have known what it takes to design an iPhone app easily, go ahead, design one and share it with the world!

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