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How does guest posting build your blog?

By on May 16, 2013

1. Get Found, Be Seen

The number one reason why guest blogging has become popular is its ability to increase your sites exposure. You might ask ‘why would I spend so long writing unique content for someone else’s blog?’. Well, the answer is simply that it benefits you both. Their blog gets known for providing great content from different perspectives and your own blog or website gets increased exposure from their visitors.

Imagine you guest post on a site that has 10,000 unique visitors per month, even though only 1,000 may click through on the link from your article that is still 10,000 visitors your brand or website and even your writing has had exposure too. To pay for that kind of reach would create a dent in your marketing budget. Guest positing is a great way to gain exposure by offering your content free of charge in return for a link back to your own site.

2. Build Relationships

Bloggers are a community, reaching out and contacting other blog owners allows you to build relationships. Opening up regular communications with blog owners means you can build your contacts potentially allowing you further guest posts in the future.

3. Increase your sites authority

The safest most natural and rewarding way to build your exposure and ranking within search engines is with guest posts as part of your SEO. Finding authoritative blogs, those with a PR 4 or a Domain Authority of 40+ that will post an article containing your link is like striking gold in SEO terms.

Don’t be greedy and expect a text link or direct site link back from within the main body of your article. What most blog owners will offer is a link with your author bio. Write a compelling bio about yourself and your site or where you work and link back from there.

Simply, high authority websites linking back to you, shows the search engines that your site is well respected (it must be for a authority site to link back to you) it therefore passes some of this value and authority back to your own site leading to search engines ranking your site higher.

4. Get Your Name Known

The more often you guest post the more your technique and skill will improve. Guest articles will contain an author bio, which is a small snapshot about you and your experience. The more guest posts you write the more readers and blog owners will come to respect you as an authority in your area. Getting your own name known will also lead to an increase in visitors to your website as people look forward to reading more of what you have to say.

Besides growing a following toward you and what you write, great articles will also get shared via social media channels, leading to improved visibility for authors that are constantly writing and publishing great content.

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